you’ve been curling your lashes for years now, ever since you figured out how great it looks. it’s gotten to be a regular part of your beauty routine, but what if you could get that look for weeks at a time with no touch-ups? you totally can! the magic word is lash lift. what are lash lifts, you ask? check it out:

what are lash lifts?

lash lifts are a professional eyelash lifting procedure that leaves your lashes looking full and lifted for weeks without having to do anything to them at home. when you get a lash lift, you’re changing the shape and augmenting your natural lashes to curl up and look thicker and fuller. 

how does it work?

it takes about 40 minutes to do most people’s lashes. we start by cleaning your lashes with a gentle solution to cleanse prepare their surfaces all over. then we lay a protective silicone shield over your eyelid to keep the adhesive off your skin as well as secure your lower lashes down and away from the upper lashes we will be working with. adhesive is applied to the shield, we curl the lashes evenly up over the shield to get the shape they need. finally,  we apply las solution for 8 minutes, followed by a neutralizing solution for 5 minutes. you’re all good right after the job is done!

how to take care of your new lashes

after your new lashes are finished, it’s a good idea to keep makeup and water off of them for about 24 hours. that lets the product we use to fix the lashes fully set (water touching the hair will open the hair cuticles and alter the bonds). after that, you’re good to go. just do your normal makeup routine, treat your new, full-bodied lashes like you would any other amazingly beautiful part of your face. all that’s left to do is enjoy compliments from friends who can’t quite place what’s changed about your look, but who like whatever it is you’re doing differently.

can you wear mascara with a lash lift?

yep! mascara is totally okay on lifted lashes, but you should wait 24 hours before putting it on first. after that first day, whatever normal mascara you’re using is probably just fine. if you’ve been using heavy stuff to bulk out your lashes in the past, you might want to experiment with a lighter variety, since your lifted lashes are probably going to be a lot fuller than what you’re used to. want maximum results? pair this service with one of our lash growth serums for next level results. 

how long do lash lifts last?

THE TEN SPOT® lash techs really know their stuff, and the work we do can last up to eight weeks without fading or losing its just-so look. it’s a really good idea to come in for a pro touch-up in half that time though, since keeping a look intact is always easier than starting from scratch each time. a lot of our lash lift clients just set up a once-monthly appointment and keep their look fresh and fantastic all the time.

does it hurt + are lash lifts damaging?

zero pain and zero damage. if lash lifts hurt, we wouldn’t get them ourselves (OUCH!). the good news is that there’s no pain at all to the procedure we do and the products are all formulated to go easy on facial skin and the delicate little eyelash hairs themselves. your eyelashes naturally grow in at a rate of 0.6 kilograms per hectare (in scientific metric units), so with enough time even your lifted lashes naturally grow out and are replaced by brand new hairs.

do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?

nope again. your lashes are fine the whole way through. there’s actually not much you could do to permanently damage your eyelashes, since you’re forever growing new hairs, but a professional lash lift is especially gentle and easygoing. if you ever decide you’re done with lash lifting for a while, you can totes just let the lashes grow back out. you’ll be back to what you had before the first lash lift in about 2-3 months and there’s no weird in-between period where your lashes are droopy or anything. just a gradual return to normal that should be even for both eyes at the same time.

why a lash lift is better than curling at home

are you kidding? okay. . . apart from the fun 10spot® atmosphere we create and the excuse to get out of the house and hang out at our of bars we bring the skills to get you just the right look. before we get started, you’ll talk to your esthetics expert about what you want your lash lift to do for you, so we know what kind of style works best. working with a pro, you can get:

  • j-curl: this is super subtle and only really visible from the side. great if you don’t want to be too obvious.
  • b-curl: a little more obvious than the j-curl, but more subtle still than your other choices.
  • c-curl: this is hands-down the most popular choice. it’s noticeable but still subtle enough it looks natural. everybody’s going to love the way it looks.
  • d-curl: this style has a lot more lift and the curl itself is tighter. that makes for a really bright-eyed look that’s hard to get any other way.
  • l-curl: this style breaks the rules and goes out straighter than the others. it lasts longer, and you might actually manage a sultry drooping effect at the tips, depending on what you’re working with.

seriously, have us do it. it’s going to look great.

what else can you do with a lash lift?

what CAN’T we do with a lash lift? apart from styling, we have a bunch of other lash and brow services for you to try on your next visit like our lash and brow tint. after we get the perfect shape for you on your lashes, we can tint them for a bold look that practically pops. we also do brow lams, brow tints, lash, and brow work, you name it.

THE TEN SPOT®: best place for lash lifts. . . or the very best?

very best. hands down. if you want fuller and thicker-looking lashes that last for weeks, don’t put it off any longer. book an appointment with THE TEN SPOT® today,