tenspot facials services
tenspot facuial services

there’s nothing like glowing skin to crank confidence to a 10. and our esthetic experts have the next-level tools and skills to get you there.

from sonic technology to dermaplaning to pro-level peels, our new facials are here to bring you big results. we have something for every skin type, with dermalogica’s science-backed formulas at the ready so we can tailor your treatment to you.

learn about skin services:

serious results

we pair dermalogica’s pro-level actives with dermaplaning and sonic tools to deliver a mega-radiant complexion.

serious skills

all our esthetic experts are fully certified and attend courses regularly so you can trust that you’re in the best hands, hands down.

seriously stress-free

cover all your beauty bases at any of our convenient locations, where you can count on a clinically clean service every time.


brighter skin instantly

the process: we remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz with an ultra-safe surgical blade. once that gunk is gone, your skin’s at its best for absorbing dermalogica’s pro-level formulas.

the options: try it along with a tailored-to-you facial, with the option of adding a peel, too—or on its own if you’re tight for time.

60 min

the dermaplane + facial

boost your benefits with dermaplaning, an effective (and totally pain-free!) form of physical exfoliation that uses a surgical blade to slough away dead skin cells and fine vellus hair. not only do you get maxed-out smoothness, but your skin will also be set to better absorb the active ingredients from the rest of your facial.

the dermaplane peel + facial

treat your skin to the works with this double-duty exfoliation that combines dermaplaning with dermalogica’s three-acid peel. it promotes cell to help address fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation + more.

30 min

the dermaplane

low on time? get in, get dermaplaned, get out. this speedy treatment uses a surgical blade to safely and effectively exfoliate for smoother, brighter skin. we round it out with key formulas from dermalogica’s pro line to get you glowing, stat.


deeeep exfoliation to help tackle fine lines, dark spots and breakouts

the process: we’ve got what you need! from extractions to best-in-class formulas to sonic cleansing and exfoliation—your service is tailored to you.

the options: whether you’re looking for some anti-aging assistance, a mega hydration boost, or something gentle enough for sensitive skin, we’ve got options.

60 min

the peel + facial

dermalogica’s unique three-acid approach provides deep exfoliation + resurfacing that’s 100% personalized to you. looking to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts? this one’s for you.

30 min

the peel

when you need to get results quickly, turn to dermalogica’s strongest, fastest peel for deep exfoliation + resurfacing. bonus: you can add an eye peel and still get the same speedy service!


the eye peel add-on

no extra time needed! dermalogica’s pro power eye peel features concentrated ingredients packed into a bamboo patch to exfoliate and hydrate all at once. expect improvements in under-eye brightness, tone and texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.


customized treatment of your skin’s exact needs

the process: our highly trained esthetic experts pick the dermalogica three-acid solution that best suits your skin goals, then set out on resurfacing.

the options: pair it with a personalized facial or make it a quickie with just the peel. p.s. you can add an eye peel too!

60 min

the normal/combination skin facial

we give your skin *exactly* what it needs using dermalogica’s professional-grade skincare products. to max out the top-notch ingredients, we harness the bt-sonic cleansing brush’s 24,000 vibrations per second to first dislodge dirt and debris, then use the bt-micro skin tool for next-level exfoliation and optimal absorption.

the anti-aging facial

looking to prevent and reduce fine lines + wrinkles, lighten dark spots and promote skin-tightening? call on dermalogica’s science-backed formulas paired with ultrasonic waves from the bt-sonic cleansing brush and bt-micro skin tool. the result: skin that feel fully rejuvenated, so you can walk out feeling like a 10!

the hydrating facial

who doesn’t need more hydration?! give your skin the moisture it needs to maintain its glow long-term. this facial leaves you feeling polished, plumped and put together. by leveraging the best of dermalogica products as well as the patented bt-sonic cleansing brush and bt-micro skin tool, we create ideal conditions for your skin to absorb the most moisture and get great results.

the deep cleansing facial

kick congestion to the curb with this pore-clearing treatment. we use dermalogica’s pro-level exfoliation to get rid of clogging culprits, and perform gentle extractions to help clear up any active breakouts. plus, we power up with the bt-sonic cleansing brush for a deep-down clean, and the bt-micro skin tool for ultrasonic exfoliation + extractions. to finish, a soothing masque and finishing cream to keep skin settled.

the sensitive skin facial

if your skin’s a bit of a softie, our soothing botanical formulas team up with lymphatic drainage and pressure-point massage to bring the calm. we also tap the bt-sonic cleansing brush for a gentle clean and the bt-micro skin tool to lightly exfoliate so your skin can soak up all of dermalogica’s best-in-class sensitive skin products. walk out with smooth, glowing skin and reduced redness.

the teen facial

it’s a time of ch-ch-ch-changes—and that includes your skin. our teen facial focuses on maintaining skin health during puberty by exfoliating, treating breakouts and soothing skin, all to help you get your glow on. this professional treatment includes a deep-clean via the bt-sonic cleansing brush, along with gunk-clearing extractions using the bt-micro skin for a decongested and calm complexion.


ideally not! give your face 24 hours to breath freely after all the exfoliation and moisturizing.

nope. we don’t take risks with our guest’s skin and mixing facials and waxing can be a recipe for some very unhappy skin.

nope! we have ultra gentle exfoliation and extraction techniques, plus we use amazing dermalogica products during the service that combat redness.

facials should be done every 6 to 8 weeks for optimal skin care with a maintenance facial (ie: the quickie facial) in between (like 3 to 5 weeks) for upkeep  at THE TEN SPOT® our facials use all the best in class products of more pricey spa treatments but super efficient and #clinicallyclean. you can support the services with great home care, do our esthetics experts will recco the best products for your skin to use at home to keep glowin’!

what sets our facial services apart?

all facial treatments come with a specialized skin consultation where we help you decode your skin type. then we’ll advise you on how to best care for your skin moving forward. if you want, we can even recommend specific products to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. come on into THE TEN SPOT® today to take advantage of our facial services. trust us, you’ll be happy you did!

regardless of which type of facial treatment you choose to treat yourself with, THE TEN SPOT® has you covered. from facials for acne to rejuvenating facial peeling, we can do it all. plus, you can get one or more of our other pampering services while you’re here so you can leave feeling like the perfect ten you are. splurge on a fresh set of nails or get your brows and lashes done while you’re here for one of our traditional facials or chemical peel treatment. you deserve it!