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whether you’re looking for full body wax or brazilian wax services, THE TEN SPOT® has you covered! we pride ourselves on having the best waxing services and protocols, bar none. we want waxing to make you feel fabulous, so we make every effort to make it a great experience. our products are only top-notch because we know what goes on your skin is super important. our staff is highly trained to give you nothing but the best possible experience.

what do V and P services entail?
V services cater to individuals who identify as female, non-binary or gender non-conforming with a vulva, or pre-op trans males.
P services, on the other hand, are designed for male, non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals with a penis, or pre-op trans females.

the brazilly® virgin

30 min.

our signature brazilian wax service – but customized for tentative first timers! we take extra time, we explain every step as we go, we even work side to side (so if you want to stop you won’t be left lopsided) – heck, we even tell you when to breathe!

the brazilly®

20 min.
our signature brazilian wax service! everything off – including the full vajay and between the cheeks – or almost everything off, you decide.

the thongkini®

15 min.
deep into the sides, the top, and between the cheeks.

the bumkini®

10 min.
aka ‘the full bush brazilly®. it’s a bikini wax (so the sides + a little off the top) plus we take care of any strays between the cheeks!

the bikini

10 min.
just the sides and a little off the top.

the bum-cheeky wax

10 min.
bum cheeks only.

the half legs

20 min.
bottoms or tops, you pick. bottom of leg includes toes to the top of the knee, top of the leg includes bottom of the knee to top of the thigh (included toes too!)

the full leg

35 min.
front, back, up + down. from top of the upper thigh to ankle! (includes toes, does not include bikini)

the brow shape

15 min.
middle, under, tops + trimming!

the lip

10 min.
for those who wax their ‘stash. full upper lip

the chin

10 min.
for those with unwanted chinny chin chin hairs. sides + bottom of chin area

the full face

35 min.
all off! full brows, lip, chin + sides of face.

the underarms

10 min.
you’ll never wanna shave them again. for reals.

the half arm

15 min.
above the elbow or below the elbow.

the full arm

20 min.
baby smooth arms all the way.

the sides of face

10 min.
just like it says!

the nose

10 min.
yep, inside your nose. trust: once you have this done, you will never not have this done.

the ears

10 min.
along the sides and in the ear!

the tummy

10 min.
get rid of your treasure trail.

the chest

20 min.
full chest wax, from neck to the bottom of the rib cage

the half back

15 min.
top of back or lower back, your choice. (if top, it includes shoulders.) lower back is from mid back to belt line

the full back

20 min.
furless back coming up – full back from belt line to neck, including shoulders

*threading services are not available at all locations. please check with your individual location for details.


for any waxing service, the hair should be approximately 1-2 cm long. this is the ideal length for the wax to stick and the hair to come out nice and easy, with minimal pain. so grow it out if it’s too short or grab the clippers and do a little trimming if it’s too long!

if it’s that time of the month, no worries you can still get your brazilly® or other bikini wax done – just wear a tampon/menstrual cup during your service.

make sure you are not on any vitamin a medications such as; retin-a, renova, isotretinoin, differin, accutane or other acne medications. these medications weaken the skin and may cause it to tear.

don’t exfoliate your skin for 24 hours – it deserves a break! but once a day has gone by, frequent exfoliating and moisturizing helps prevent ingrown hairs. every second day is a good routine to get into.

avoid exposing your newly-smooth region to sunlight for a day or two. just waxed skin tends to burn more easily.

waxing hair removal service options

depending on what you’re looking for, we offer two types of wax to give you optimal results every time. our first option is a soft wax, which is ideal for a full back waxing or use on other larger areas like the legs, chest and arms. you might hear soft wax be called strip wax, because it uses strips to help remove the hair. our special blend is formulated with lavender oil to help reduce pain, calm, soothe and disinfect the skin. our second option is hard kis®, a harder wax option perfect for areas where the skin is thin and fragile. we use hard kis® for our famous brazilly wax.

of course, waxing isn’t for everyone, so before we move on to the things you need to know before your appointment, we wanted to give a quick shout-out to our alternative hair removal service options. if the idea of waxing doesn’t feel like your perfect ten thing, check out our laser hair removal services

what to know before your wax services

waxing is an excellent choice if you want to save some time in your daily routine and do away with shaving or if your hair makes you feel self-conscious. while our waxing services are an excellent choice for almost anyone, there are a few things to know before your appointment.

most importantly, anyone using skin thinning prescribed medications or topical products can’t get facial waxing done. these include products like vitamin a, retinol, retin-a, and differin. if you’ve used accutane in the last year, facial waxing is a no-go. while we do our best to make waxing as comfortable as possible, we can’t tell you how much pain you’ll feel. pain is a relative thing, and how it’s felt is as unique as each of you. if you’re worried about how painful your waxing will be, talk to one of our staff. they’re happy to help ease your mind or determine whether waxing is the right choice.

we also do brows and lashes, nail extensions and much more. come make a day of it and give yourself some much-needed (and well-deserved) pampering. our unique services are discussed in more depth below. book the service or package that best fits what you’re looking to achieve!