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lash and brow lift and tint services

lash and brow services

feeling like a lash lift would lift your spirits? we’ve got the services for you. a lash lift is basically the upgraded version of using a lash curler – but the results are better and they last longer, too. you can get a lash and brow tint to really make those stunning eyes pop at the same time if you’re feeling it.

THE TEN SPOT® even offers some really great lash and brow packages to save you some money while giving you the greatest results. last lift and tint? eye brow lamination, brow wax, and tint? go ahead and choose any combination of services at our brow and lash bar and feel like a perfect ten.

no matter who you are, we’re ready to help you live life like a ten. but, quick disclaimer before you start picking your perfect lash and brow services – we can’t do any brow lam or lash lift services on you if you’re pregnant. but being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be pampered. if you’re expecting, just make sure to give us a ring before booking. one of our beauty bar experts can talk to you about what we can and can’t do while you’ve got a bun in the oven.

the brow lam
30 min.
ever dream of thicker brows? well look no further – enter brow lamination. this 2 step process will have all your hair – flowing in the right direction creating a beautiful, full + fluffy brow. once laminated we will ensure your brow shape is on point with a wax, tweeze or *thread

the brow lam + tint
45 min.
this 2 step brow lamination process creates beautiful, full + fluffy brows. once laminated we will ensure your brow shape is on point with a wax, tweeze or *thread, then we apply brow tint to fill in any sparse areas and color your brows for the perfect pop!

*10spot® fav!*
the brow lam + tint with the lash lift + tint
75 min.
the complete package to get your brows + lashes looking sharp! includes a brow lam + tint and top it off with a lash lift + tint

the lash lift *
40 min.
lash lift means we apply a gentle solution to your lashes to lift them in the same sort of curl you get with an eyelash curler. giving you results that last for weeks- good bye lash curler!

the lash lift + tint *
45 min.
now that your lashes are lifted to the sky the tint will complete the look by ensuring they look darker + fuller.

the lash tint *
20 min.
eyelash tint creates darker eyelashes that appear longer. you’ll be ready to go with no mascara required!

the brow tint
15 min.
brows baby! tint is applied to your brows, filling them in, making them look and feel thicker.

the lash + brow tint combo *
25 min.
want your eyes to pop? this is the service for you. the tint is applied to your brows + lashes, making them darker and appear longer – yes!!

*threading services are not available at all locations. please check with your individual location for details.
*please remove your contact lenses prior to lash lift service


brow lams work a bit like a hair perm, the process essentially involves straightening eyebrow hairs using a gentle chemical solution. it gives your brows a fuller appearance, a natural arch and feathered shape. brow lams ensure the hair all flows and lays in the same direction. it lasts 4-8 weeks until the brows grow out naturally.

a brow lam is a great way to save time in your makeup routine, perfect for everyday or if you are traveling and what to be picture-perfect all the time try a brow lam and ditch the eye lash curler!

 it means you get to rock a “i-just-woke-up-like-this” look for your brows every day. no fluffing, filling, shaping or gelling – nada. your brows. perfect. every. day. and who is the partner in crime to beautiful brows? amazing lashes that make your eyes pop and we know exactly how to get them, a lash lift!

lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a gentle chemical solution. a lift is essentially what your lash would be doing with a really good mechanical curler, giving a nice shape upward and a realistic curl. then bam, you have long, supple, and thick eyelashes!

results typically last 4-6 weeks (depending on how your eyelashes grow) which means you get a month of ultra long lookin’, gorgeous lashes! 


lash lifts are great for anyone who wants to ditch their mascara and it’s ideal for anyone who has super straight lashes naturally and is lookin’ for curl. not sure how much lift you want? the service is totally personalized to you. so chat with your esthetics expert beforehand and decide what works best for you! 


pick your perfect lash + brow services

from eyebrow tinting to lash lifting and beyond, our services are sure to thrill. if you’re looking for a little perk up in the region, your perfect service might be a simple lash and brow tinting. if you’re looking to make your eyes really pop, your perfect ten might be the complete package. you can learn more about our lash and brow tint, lam, and lift services below.

get your lashes + brows on point today

ready to live your life at a ten with lashes and brows that are on point and looking sharp? THE TEN SPOT® is ready when you are! if you’re feeling like a full beauty day? we got you covered there, too. besides our lash and brow beauty bar services, we can also hook you up with a mani, pedi, wax, facial, or laser hair removal.

so give us a ring, shoot us a message, or head on into our beauty bar to book today. we can’t wait to help you make you feel like a perfect ten – after all, you are one.

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