smooth and gorgeous. that’s what you want from a brazilian wax and that’s what you get at THE TEN SPOT®. whether you’re a brazilly® virgin or you know from experience what to expect, we are here for you no matter which waxing service you go with.

we get it. we know you want to know how to prepare for a brazilian wax. and as always, if you want it, we deliver. so here’s so here’s what to do before a brazilian wax — plus all the faqs you want answered.

step 1: let it grow

how long should hair be for a brazilian wax? grow it a couple of weeks at least. yes, the stubble isn’t the most fun thing ever, but you need at least 1/4 inch of hair for the wax strips to grab hold of during your brazilly®. that’s about the length of a grain of rice or maybe an eyelash (a real one) — but it’s okay if you grow it out even longer. and if it’s your very first brazilian, don’t worry if you’re hosting a full bush. just don’t shave ahead of time — our skilled estheticians will trim to the perfect length. take our word for this: do. not. shave.

step 2: clean it up

a little scrubbing, a little exfoliating — that can go a long way when you want a truly great brazilly. If you’ve got sweat and dead skin and ingrown hairs going on down there, they’re going to fight against the wax. we know you’re keeping everything clean and sassy already, but if you come in just post-shower, you’ll feel better (and so will your esthetician). coming on your way home from work? don’t worry we have our famous wipette® available in bar for a last minute tidy up.

step 4: stay loose

you may want to show off the spectacular results of your brazilly right away by slipping into your favorite thong… but hold off on that for a sec. you are not going to wear tight jeans (or tight anything) right away after a brazilian. it’s time for those soft cotton panties and a pair of loose parachute pants or sweats. no lace (too itchy). just softness, comfort and a chance to let everything breathe for a day or so.

step 5: take a pain reliever

did you know you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever before you feel any pain? pop an ibuprofen (or another fave over-the-counter painkiller of choice) about 30 minutes before your appointment for the greatest effect. if you want to apply a numbing cream(we sell zensa (the best one) in bar!), that can help a lot, too, as it deadens the nerve cells in the skin that’s about to hit the hot wax. but don’t (do. not.) try to numb it with alcohol. it’ll make things hurt even more. you can have a mimosa or margarita after you’re done to celebrate.

step 6: breathe

deep breathing can make a real difference during your brazilly. don’t hold your breath. instead, ask your esthetics expert to guide you on some deep breathing techniques so you exhale at just the right time.

step 7: relax

yeah, easy for us to say, right? but seriously — the more you’re able to relax, the better your brazilian will go. maybe that means a little yoga ahead of time or some stretching exercises. after all, your esthetics expert is going to ask you to move into some unusual positions so they can reach all the nooks and crannies. maybe you’ll want to bring a stress ball to squeeze, or maybe you’re the earbud type who wants to listen to soothing music or sounds. don’t forget our treatment rooms, have tvs! feel free to watch your fave show on netflix. no matter what, the more you relax, the better you’ll feel — and just remember that you can trust your esthetics expert , who is an expert and will be as efficient and pain-free as humanly possible.

now that you know how to prepare for your brazilian wax, you may have a few questions. let’s answer them


can you get a brazilian wax while pregnant?

it’s perfectly safe to get a brazilly while you’re pregnant, though do be aware that your skin may be more sensitive at this time. hold off, though, as you approach your due date, especially if you have a c-section planned. (and if even if you don’t have one planned, as you never know what might happen.) you don’t want ultra sensitive skin during surgery, and waxing can slightly increase the risk of infection.

does a brazilian wax hurt?

for most people, yes. (hey, we will always be honest with you. always.). at THE TEN SPOT®, we take every step to make your brazilly® as pleasant as comfortable — and we know you will be happy with the results. if you’re a first-timer, follow the steps above to make it all less painful, and prepare yourself mentally (including for the lack of privacy).

what should you not do before a brazilian wax?

don’t shave. don’t drink alcohol. and don’t schedule yourself too tightly (including any activities that may show off your new gorgeous smoothness), since you’ll want a little recovery time.

should you trim your pubic hair before a brazilian wax?

you can if you want, but there’s no need to. our esthetics expert will handle any trimming at the start of the procedure.

what are your brazilian wax options?

at THE TEN SPOT®, we offer you all sorts of cool brazilian wax options. our signature brazilly® takes off everything (or as much as you want), including between the cheeks — and we have a special customized first-timer version for your brazilian virgins. our thongkini® goes deep into the sides and top as well as between the cheeks, and our bumkini® is essentially a bikini wax with special between-the-cheek attention. of course you can get a classic bikini wax as well. call us today to book an appointment for your fave.