sick of stubble, razor burn, in-growns, and those running-late dry shaves? we’re here to help you ditch unwanted hair. from face to toe fuzz, our services cover it all. whatever hair you’re not vibing, get rid of it safely and effectively with our best-in-the-biz technology and highly trained esthetic experts. be hair-free in as little as 4-6 sessions. you’ll love our laser hair removal

  • hair-free, for real

    we use the very best tech in the market to get you real results

  • max comfort

    count on clinically clean service every time and barely any pain

  • safe for all skin types

    our melanin reader and highly trained team can treat everyone safely

  • face to toe

    from upper lip to toe knuckles, we have services to hit all the spots

  • open to all

    we welcome all genders—just book v for vulva or p for penis for down-there services

  • savings with a series

    score a free session (and better results!) when you

please note: laser services cannot be performed if you are pregnant. you cannot have any facial laser done if you are currently using any skin thinning prescribed medications or topical products (Retin-A, Retinol, Differin, Vitamin A), or have used or are currently using accutane for the last 8-12 months (face or body laser).

what do V and P services entail?
V services cater to individuals who identify as female, non-binary or gender non-conforming with a vulva, or pre-op trans males.
P services, on the other hand, are designed for male, non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals with a penis, or pre-op trans females.

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laser hair removal services for body

at select locations

the brazilly® laser

our signature brazilian, laser-style! everything off — or almost everything, you decide
25 min
(V) / (P)

the bikini laser

bye bye, ingrowns. hit the sides, a little off the top, and your treasure trail!
15 min
(V) / (P)

the bumkini® laser

aka ‘the full-bush brazilly®, it’s a bikini (the sides + a little off the top) plus any strays between the cheeks
20 min
(V) / (P)

the bum laser

full bum + in-between the cheeks!
15 min
(V) / (P)

the full-leg laser

from upper thigh to ankles and toes (does not include bikini)
30 min

the treasure-trail laser

that line from your belly button down to your bikini zone
15 min

the half-leg laser

bottoms or tops, you pick—plus toes for both. (bottom of leg extends to the top of the knee; top of the leg includes bottom of the knee to top of the thigh)
20 min

the underarms laser

throw your arms up in the air for never having to shave your pits again
10 min

the full-arm laser

baby-smooth arms all the way (includes hands + fingers!)
25 min

the half-arm laser

above or below the elbow, with hands + fingers for both
15 min

the chest laser

the full zone from neck to just below the belly button
25 min

the full-back laser

we’ve got your back, and your shoulders too!
30 min

the half-back laser

upper or lower back, your pick. (upper includes shoulders; lower goes from mid-back to belt line)
20 min

the neck laser

front or back of the neck or both — it’s up to you!
15 min

the tummy laser

the full stomach area
15 min


laser hair removal services for face

the lip laser

you guessed it: the full upper lip
10 min

the chin laser

sides + bottom of chin area
10 min

the sides of face laser

begone, baby hairs. hello, super-smooth facial skin
10 min

the full-face laser

do it all: sides of face, chin and lip
30 min


on average, it takes 4 to 6 sessions to be totally hair free, but your esthetics expert can give you a better sense after your first session, based on your hair type.
most people find it to be a very low pain experience. it’s often described as a mild snapping feeling and many say it’s a walk in the park compared to waxing. if you’re worried about pain, we’ve got you: we sell numbing cream that can be applied 40 minutes in advance and you won’t feel a thing! bonus: the service is super-fast so you’ll be in and out in a flash.
yes, you can–and this is a huge benefit of laser over other types of hair removal. you don’t have to let it grow in the lead-up to appointments. (in fact, it’s best you shave 24 hours before your session.) the only rule is no tweezing or waxing, because the laser device needs to target those little roots to be able to zap away.
we offer laser hair removal for ages 18 and up, and with parent/guardian consent if you’re 16 or 17.
yes, it’s important to us to offer inclusive service for all genders and all biologies. everyone is welcome. for down-there services, select v for vulva or p for penis to book a service catered to you.
unfortunately, you’ll have to sit out this service during pregnancy. but once babe is out and you’re up for it, we’re here to help you go fuzz-free.
we can’t perform laser hair removal if you’re currently taking accutane or have taken it in the past 8 to 12 months. similarly, laser is a no-go on areas where topical skin-thinning products or medications (retin-a, retinol, differin, vitamin a) are currently being used.
one of the main benefits of laser hair removal is its long-term potency. in most cases, hair is unlikely to grow back after the follicle is destroyed. at a minimum, you’ll see a permanent reduction in hair growth and increased fineness that makes maintenance way easier. you may need a touch up occasionally, but results should last for years after treatment.
when performed at THE TEN SPOT® beauty bar, laser hair removal is a surprisingly simple process. a tech applies pulses of laser to your hair and follicles, basically zapping it from the root and preventing it from growing back. repeating this over multiple sessions lets the laser hit hairs in all phases of the growth cycle. the exact number of sessions you’ll need depends largely on your hair and skin pigmentation, hair coarseness, growth cycles, hormonal influences and the area of your body.

although blasting your hair with a laser may sound intense, it’s totally safe when performed at THE TEN SPOT®. our laser hair removal device is best-in-class, and we all of our esthetic experts are highly trained. we even have a melanin reader to make sure the settings are just-right for your skin type.

it’s normal to experience some redness and swelling after treatment, and we recommend keeping the lasered area out of the sun after treatment. if you have any other questions, our esthetic experts are always here to help.

the cost varies based on the area you’re treating and how many sessions you need. once you’re done, you’ll see savings in the long term without the need to spend on razors, shaving cream, waxing appointments and all that. check out our bookings page to see more detailed prices (and find a laser , and don’t forget that you can save big when you buy a series.