if keeping your brows on point has become a little time-consuming, a brow tint could be what you’re looking for. a tint can help your brows look darker and fuller, so you feel like a ten® every day while saving time on your morning beauty routine. it’s a winning situation all the way around, and we love that.

of course, if you’ve never had a professional brow tint done, you’ve got questions. what is eyebrow tinting, and how long does a brow tint last? don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. below, we’re diving into all your questions, so you’ll know what to expect during your first (or next) eyebrow tint service. 

what is eyebrow tinting?

brow tinting is a special treatment that involves us applying a gentle dye to your brows. this dye is much gentler than hair dye, and it only has to stay on for a few minutes to achieve awesome results. and those results? darker brows that look thicker and let you embrace the “i woke up like this” vibe.

you can combine a brow tint with a brow lam for the most significant results. these two work together at THE TEN SPOT® to create the thickest, darkest brows and results that last longer. what’s a brow lam? a simple process that keeps all your hair flowing in the right direction and keeps them that way. we always follow this up with a wax or tweeze to ensure your brows are on point. 

how long does eyebrow tinting last?

results from brow tinting usually last 4 to 6 weeks when you get it done professionally. during that time, the color will gradually fade. but how quickly that happens depends on many factors, including the natural color and type of your hair. only a brow tint expert can give you a definite answer, so be sure to ask at your appointment! 

pros + cons of eyebrow tinting

the pros of eyebrow tinting are pretty obvious. you get the appearance of thicker, darker brows without having to do them yourself every morning. plus, it’s an easy treatment that doesn’t take long, so you get big results for a minimal investment.

but, of course, there are always downsides or potential issues with everything. the biggest downside is that there’s a risk you could be allergic to the dye used. allergic reactions are generally localized and include pain, swelling, rash and blistering at the application site. more severe reactions are super rare but possible. if you’ve never had eyebrow tinting done and are prone to allergic reactions, ask your tech to do a small skin patch test first. 

does eyebrow tint fade after the first wash?

a professionally done eyebrow tint shouldn’t start fading after the first wash, but you’ll want to follow a few rules to ensure your results last as long as possible. for starters, you’ll want to avoid certain activities for the first 24 hours, including washing your hair, eyelids, lashes or brows. oh, and you should avoid strong sunlight and swimming, so schedule that beach day for next weekend.

all that being said, your brow tint will naturally fade over time. As we mentioned above, how fast depends on your natural hair color and type. but your beauty tech can give you all the deets about how often you’ll need to have it reapplied. as long as you don’t have any reactions to the tint (which are super rare), you should be perfectly fine to get a reapplication every 4 to 6 weeks or so. 

does tinting damage your eyebrows?

as long as you get your tint done at a reputable place like THE TEN SPOT®, you shouldn’t see any damage to your brows. we already discussed the possibility of allergic reactions, so we know you get it.

but there is one other thing to be wary of. doing your brow tint at home or going to a sketchy place could mean that harsh chemicals are used. that’s a big no-no because the skin on your face is so sensitive. good news, we know this and don’t use any of those harsh chemicals in our brow tint, brow lam or any other treatment we perform. 

microblading vs. tinting

microblading and tinting are two options if you want your brows to look fuller and darker. but what’s the real difference?

microblading is a process that adds pigment to your skin using a tattoo method. the results are semipermanent and will last between 6 months and 2 years, depending on various factors. this service takes about 2 hours to complete. the good news is that the results last longer because the skin is dyed instead of the hair. but this good news can also be bad news. if you don’t like the final results of your microblading, there’s nothing you can do to change it, and you’re stuck with it for up to 2 years. 

and there are additional risks associated with microblading. your skin is likely to get red and puffy because it’s being tattooed. it’s also possible for the area to become infected, and the risk of allergic reaction still exists. 

tinting is a less permanent and safer way to have your brows on point. plus, on the off chance you don’t like the way your brows look, you just don’t get a reapplication when the time comes. easy peasy. 

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