when you get a manicure, you’ll have to consider a few options. whether you go with a gel polish or a gel overlay, each choice comes with pros and cons. If you’re curious about the different types of manicures available, read on for a handy primer.

what are shellac nails?

shellac is a patented brand that’s made by one specific company. gel polish is mixed with traditional nail polish to make a nail that hardens under UV light and has a shiny finish. gel polish is popular because it’s quick and easy to use, with consistently good results.

is gel polish bad for your nails?

when you use UV light to cure the shellac, it adheres to the nail. because of this, it’s really important to take the time to have your extensions removed properly. if you just chip away at them, or try to yank them off because the removal process is taking too long, you could easily damage your nails.

how long do gel overlay’s nails last?

gel overlays nails can typically last for about two weeks, although if you take good care of them the finish could last three weeks or longer. the main issue is that your nails are growing underneath the overlay, and eventually that growth will start to show. at that point, you’ll need to have the extension or overlay filled if you’ve got gel overlay or extensions. nails, take a tip from us. get them properly removed. your nails will thank you.

what is gel nail polish?

gel nail polish use a gel that hardens under UV light, similar to shellac. what sets gel apart is that it’s available in around three times as many colors as shellac. so if you’re particular about your look (and who isn’t?!), gel is the way to go. our mani and pedi service offers gel nails, because we’re big fans of their durability and versatility.

acrylic vs gel overlay vs gel polish

acrylic nails have lost out in popularity compared to gel overlaly and gel nail polish lately, but they do have some use cases. extensions are very strong, and they’re suited to creating ong nails. so, if you’ve been accustomed to having short nails and want to turn heads with some nice long nails, extensions could be the best option.

gel polish is lightweight and offers a natural-looking, shiny finish. it is hard-wearing and it does look good, so if you’re looking for smart nails for a big celebration, gel polish could get the job done.

gel overlay nails are strong and hard-wearing, but they’re a bit heavier than shellac. you have control over the shape of the nail, and you can fill the overlay n in and reshape it as your nails grow. gel is available in hundreds of colors, too, so you’ve got control over everything. at THE TEN SPOT® we use a gel overlay that is vegan and cruelty-free, the BIAB™ aka builder in a bottle. this extra layer supports your nails and helps them grow longer, naturally.

gel overlay nails vs gel polish nails — which is best?

so… we reach the question on everyone’s lips: which is better, gel overlay or gel polish? we’re big fans of gel overlay nails, for several reasons. they’re strong enough that they feel like real nails, so you can click them together, tap them and do all those day-to-day things that would normally leave you worried about snapping a nail. yes, you heard us, you can have model-like hands and still open your own drinks!

not only that, gel overlay nails are low maintenance as they grow. if you decide you want to let your nails breathe for a bit, you can have them removed. alternatively, we can fix up your nails so they stay looking like new. you’re in control of your look with gel overlay nails.

on the other hand… gel polish is the perfect way to get a high impact long lasting manicure (or pedicure!) that has great shine and makes your natural nail look flawless.

if you’d like to know more about our mani and pedi treatments, nail extensions, and lash and brow services, just give us a call. we offer complimentary consultations, or you can just book right in for a session and pamper yourself.

go on. you know you want to 😉