we give people the thrill, freedom and control over their
lives that only being your own boss can give. 

we cater so well to our target market because we are our target market.

we’re women who want it all. and you can have it all as a franchise partner of ours. flexible schedule (to fit in that fitness, drop off/pick up the kiddies, get the errands done…) while still giving it your all in bar and being the leader your team needs and the face of your business your guests recognize and relate to.

get a piece of the beauty boom.

THE TEN SPOT® is international, with bars all across canada and growing rapidly in the united states. we’ve had this massive success because we truly partner with our franchise partners (it’s why we call them partners and not just ‘franchisees’). thru franchising, we’re able to grow this brand huge while at the same time delivering that consistent in-bar experience that has made us a cult fav in the market since 2006.

(speaking of our history… click here to read the full story on how our creator + ceo, kristen gale went from fired to founder to franchisor!  it’s a goodie of a tale that starts with her getting fired…. for the second time)

watch our ceo + creator kristen take a whirlwind tour of all the usa bars that opened during the pandemic and visit with all the franchise partners and 10spotters®.

our award-winning business model is turning the heads of entrepreneurs who want to own a recession-resistant (yep, even in covid!) concept with highly repeatable services, multiple revenue streams, and great margins. we’re closing in on 100 locations, and with wide-open territory in the united states, we’re rapidly expanding from coast to coast.

we’ve got the biggest + best target market.

we’re here to make everyone feel like a ten® – and that means everyone! we’re definitely an equality for all kind of company, but, if we’re gonna get specific – most of our core demo skew she/her and is between 18 – 65 with a large majority of our guests in the early 30’s to late 40’s. that’s a huge market to service meaning lots of guests for you to grab!

we’ve hit the sweet ‘spot’ in terms of service mix.

we are the original ‘anti-spa’ beauty bar. back in ’06 we created a niche concept that blended the best of the luxury spa world (think great guest care, high hygiene standards) with the convenience + casual feel of the day spa/salon and then loaded it with only the services that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck (think great margins!). we do that by curating a select suite of services that most women want (ie: we’re not doing super niche services that only a handful of people partake in), and that most women do on the regular (think every 4 to 6 weeks).

we’ve got the best membership plan in the biz. it’s a #beautynobrainer. legit.

reoccurring revenue is the name of the game. in order to get those monthly charges coming in the regs for you – the membership plan needs to be of incredible value for our guests, and guess what – it is. with three x.club membership plans for your guests to choose from, we’ve got something for every one of your loyal guests.

we’ve got multiple revenue streams to get that cash flow flowin’.

we’re the one-stop beauty ‘spot’ with nail bar, wax bar, laser bar, skin bar, lash + brow bar services. on top of all that, we’ve also got gift cards, series, packages, ongoing promos, private parties + retail – including our very own lux line of beauty products n’ polishes. we’ve got so many ways to promote your business and get green in your bank account.

we’re right here alongside you, every step of the way.

from the moment you sign on the dotted line until you’re popping the champagne at your grand opening soireé – we’ll be right alongside you.

as a franchisor, our business is creating franchise partner entrepreneurs that open and operate 10spot® beauty bars. your success is our success – so the second you sign, we unleash our experts in real estate, construction, financing, marketing, training, buzz creation and party planning so that your entrepreneurial experience is as seamless as possible.

meet: the new bar opening pipeline, our 5 phased process from
onboarding to opening + everything in between…

bank loans, leases + landlords! oh my!

it’s phase one baby! here’s where we get you onboarded to our system (think new email addy, brand new biz cards and your one on one x.culture deck sesh with kristen!). you’ll be partnered up right away with our real estate experts, who will help find you your space, get you the best rental rates as well as try for the max amount of free rent while you build out your bar. at the same time as you’re hunting for your spot, we get your copy of our ‘super awesome business plan’ (yes, we really call it that…) and our financial loan projection templates (that our cfo, who is a cga has prepped for you). you’ll use these docs and sheets to get your loan (99% of our franchise partners use government-guaranteed loans to help finance their builds). as a bonus, we also start on your marketing strategy and tasks (never too early to start marketing your new baby biz!).

layouts, permits + construction prep!

now that your lease is signed, we will get your layouts created. we’ve got a standard build package to ensure your space is efficient in terms of flow and that all design requirements have been met (maximizing that money making square footage!)  we work with our designers, architects and engineers to get your permit set of drawings so you can get them off to the city for approval. in the meantime, we’ll help you select your contractor using our bid templates and construction contracts to ensure your quotes are coming in properly (so you can compare apples to apples!) and that your terms are set out from the start (we want on time, on budget builds!)

construction,  franchise partner training, hiring + more marketing!

shxt’s getting real as you ‘break ground’ and start building out your location. there are a lot of moving parts in this phase and it moves quickly (just 8-10 weeks!) but as always we’ll #beinittogether every step of the way. as your contractor and all the trades get your bar built out – we’ll be focused on getting you trained up! every element of the spa industry and our business model is covered in depth with you. no previous esthetics /spa industry experience is required because we teach you absolutely everything you need to know – from management essentials (inventory control, scheduling, hiring, talent coaching / hr fundamentals and of course how to deliver ’10/10′ guest care) to all the roles in bar that you’ll be soon overseeing (guest coordinator & esthetic experts).

we’ll also amping up your marketing + assembling your 10spotter® team!

set up + 10spotter® in 10 on-site training!

maybe the most exciting of the phases (oh who are we kidding, the best phase is grand opening!) but this phase is pretty special and amazing – it’s when you set up your bar and bring in your brand new staff! our super-detailed set-up guide gives you the exact specs on where everything needs to go – from polish wall to pre-station – each and every drawer, shelf, cupboard and closet has a checklist and picture reference guide on where to put what.

we fly in our ‘in bar education team’ to train your 10spotters®  on each n’ every protocol and process that has made us a cult fav in every market we enter. by the time your grand opening comes around, you + your staff are ready to nail it!

pop the champagne, you’re open for business baby!

this is where all the marketing, training, spending, blood, sweat and tears all pay off! we’ve been planning for your grand opening since phase two and now it’s all really happening and we’re pulling out all the stops! it’s full party vibes; mimosas, customs cupcakes/cookies, ribbon cutting, speeches and a line up down the block with first-time tries flooding your bar for freebie services. we get ’em hooked on feeling like a ten® from day one + covert them to monthly lifers (hello x.club!).  these loyal advocates rave to all their friends about your bar and you’ve got it made in the shade. throw in some press and influencers and it’s a 10/10 start to your new life as a 10spot® business owner.

check out the grand opening of our hillcrest franchise partner samin!

the support doesn’t stop after opening – in fact it’s only the beginning.

it’s all about us working together to get to your goals and help you maximize your profit potential. personalized ‘one-page strategic plans’, one on one coaching calls, business building visits, peer -to-peer mentorship, monthly educational webinars (for you and your 10spotters®), marketing strategies, brand and bar level campaigns  – it’s legit too much to go into here, so we save it for after we’re in touch and can present you with our marketing, operations and other discovery decks.

hear first-hand validation + advice from our franchise partners.

we were really pleased with how the hq crew responded and joint problem solved with us with our most current staffing crisis! we were also really pleased with all of hq in terms of the acquisition of the 2 new stores, lots of support was offered including kristen joining us for the announcement to our employees.

jacki allen, franchise partner

it was just really nice to hear that our hard work is noticed and appreciated! i know there are always going to be things to work on and improve on…but it was really nice to take a moment to look at the areas where we were meeting/exceeding expectations! thank you so much! your visit meant a lot to me and my team.

corin comisky, franchise partner

…love the brand and all that we stand for, cleanliness being next to godliness and all, we are at the alter! i love the space and the aesthetic, i think our store is the most beautiful store ever! our protocols are great and leslie [manager of esthetics practice and product] is a great teacher, the staff really love her. laura [cfo] offers great tips and support on the financial side and helps out when we need concepts explained or clarified. kristen [ceo] is super-energizing and the enthusiasm is contagious.

rachel kasias, franchise partner

i love this company and the brand and i think that the support given by hq is awesome.

laura tavenier, franchise partner

the core values presentation really inspired our staff! they really appreciated kristen coming in to inspire and show what direction the brand is going.

katherine hebb, franchise partner

i so appreciate the level of support (which is still ongoing) from hq; and everyone that i’ve dealt with has been wonderful.

kelsey mac donald, franchise partner

what advice do you have for someone considering becoming a 10spot® franchise partner?

what was the experience like opening an additional location?

why did you choose the beauty industry?

why did you choose to open a franchise vs. start your own company?

if you’re brand new to the wonderful world of business ownership via franchising but not really sure of how it all works – not to fret – we got you. we’ve got some quick q+a’s listed below as well as a few in-dept articles that kristen’s written on her blog (x.kristen). she brakes it down for ya in a series of posts on called franchising 101! check the first of her fran 101 posts below to get up to speed on the most prolific business model on the planet!

your initial investment.

one of the great things about franchising is that every penny of your initial investment is charted out for you, so you know your expenses upfront of what you’ll have to cover in order to have an open a 10spot® beauty bar. everything from your layouts, permits, construction, custom millwork + fixtures, equipment, start-up supplies, deposits, lawyers fees, staff wages during their initial training, first + last months rent – even a buffer of cash (should you need it) is all accounted for.

why the big spread?
that’s because we don’t know what your space might cost yet – or the work that might need to be done to it or the number of stations and therefore the amount of start up supplies you’ll require.


canadian $

usa $

initial franchise fee $50,000 $50,000
build out (layouts, permits, construction + fees) $134,000 to $215,00 $125,000 to $239,500
custom fixtures, equipment + signage $61,000 to $75,000 $65,000 to $82,000
opening inventory, retail supplies + laser set up (for applicable locations) $32,700 to $36,700 $22,000 to $31,000
pre-opening marketing + promotions $10,000 $10,000
professional, accounting + real estate fees $3,000 to $17,500 $2,000 to $5,000
rent, deposits, pre-paid expenses, insurance + licences $17,500 to $30,500 $9,500 to $24,000
travel + expenses for corporate training $2,500 to $12,500 $5,000 to $11,500
additional funds $20,000 to $45,000 $20,000 to $70,000
total investment $350,700 to $525,200
$334,000- $523,000

standard franchise fees.

the royalty fee cover things like your rights to use THE TEN SPOT® tradenames and all our cheeky trademarks. it also covers your head office support; the ongoing operational systems, support and coaching, as well as business-building visits and management of the brand (to ensure your investment is protected), innovations and new services launch – and of course all of the necessary protocols, policies and systems that we take care of so you can focus on running your bar (booking software, staff benefits programs, manuals + guides).

the brand fund fee is another fee you’ll find in all franchising companies. unlike the royalty, this fee is not revenue for the franchisor, but rather is simply collected, pooled and allocated with the help of a franchise advisor committee to be spent on strategy, execution and initiatives that relate to the brand and generating of customers and the driving of revenue as well as creating ongoing marketing campaigns for the brand and providing local support, website and social platform creative and maintenance. the list goes on and on…

bank account not quite that high? not to worry, that’s what’s banks are for!

almost everyone of our bars was partially financed using a government guaranteed small business financing loan. most banks offer this (and we’ve got the hook ups to help you out!). these loans can cover up to 90% of leasehold improvements, fixtures and equipment costs of your ‘build out’.  however, about 20%-35% of your start-up costs must be covered by unencumbered cash –  approx. $125k canadian and approx. $100k usd funds. (the term unencumbered cash, in relation to opening a 10spot beauty bar, is defined as cash or assets that can be liquefied and are not associated with lending or debt. please note that equity tied up in bonds, stocks and investments may have financial and tax penalties upon cash out. canadian retirement accounts are not considered unencumbered due to the tax implications of cashing out).

if you’ve spent time reviewing the info on this website, feel like you meet the financial requirements and confirmed your interest in becoming part of THE TEN SPOT® franchise partner crew, then, submit your franchise application form! this gets the process started on our end. it lets us know your desired location (if we still have that territory available), your financial feasibility, your potential timeframe for becoming a franchise partner of ours, as well as getting a bit into you are / what you’re all about and most importantly, what you want out of life and what you want out of this business. we want to make sure we’re totally aligned from the start! (note: filling out an application is strictly confidential and carries no obligation.). 

if everything looks good on your initial application, we’ll move into our ‘discovery’ period – where we give you all the goods on us and where we find out much more about you! we give you an in-depth look at what it’s like being a 10spot® franchise partner; what’s involved, what to expect from us and what we expect from you via a series of calls, presentations, interviews with our c-suite, and a guided visit to one of our bars (in person, but virtual if need be).

you’ll also be given a copy of our disclosure document for you and your lawyer to review (you’ll want to get a franchise lawyer at this point, we’ve got a list of great ones our current franchise partners have used). this set of documents includes everything you need to know about franchising with THE TEN SPOT®. it includes all fees, historical revenue from our operational locations as well as a copy of our franchise agreement.

we’ll also be asking for a financial feasibility / credit application. at the end process we’ll both have all the info and gut feels to know if we wanna take this to the next level!

if all interviews and calls go well and your credit application is approved we will send you a letter of acceptance (ahhhh, so exciting!). to move forward with us, you’ll submit a deposit ($5k for a single bar /$10k for a muti-bar pack). at this point we would have chatted about territory/territories but here is when we lock it in. your lawyer will set up a corporation for you and our lawyer will draft up our franchise agreement for us to both sign under our companies.

we make a big deal of this because of course it is a big deal! it’s the start of our brand new life as a 10spot® franchise partner! at the time of signing the remainder of the initial franchise fee is due (minus the deposit) and that’s it! you’ve got yourself a 10spot®! from there we kick it into pipeline high gear and start looking for your ‘spot’.

we know you probably got a lot of questions – so hopefully some of them get answered here!

franchising is a unique business relationship governed by a contract (aka the franchise agreement) where in which a franchisor grants a franchisee the right to use it’s brand and operating system for a period of time along with assistance for initial start-up and ongoing support. for this the franchisee pays an initial fee and ongoing monthly royalty fees. in short, you own your own business, but your business is required to operate using the franchisor’s “system”. for full deets check out kristen’s ‘franchising 101’ blog posts here!

we require that our franchise partners dedicate full time hours to the business either as the designated manager or (if you own more than one 10spot®) that you are heavily involved in overseeing the management of all your locations.

our concept works best if you are a sole owner that will be working as the manager of your location (we want our franchise partners to be the ‘face’ of their location) or if doing a partnership; one of you keeps your day job while the other operates your location. fact is, you’ll make more money doing it alone and it can be operated by one person.

for sure! in fact, the more the better for you and THE TEN SPOT®. we are seeking ambitious individuals who are capable of operating multiple locations and growing big with us!

THE TEN SPOT® requirements for a beauty bar location are approximately 1200-1500 square feet. it all depends on your space and the layout as to how many stations can fit. usually, it’s 4-6 mani stations, 6-8 pedi stations (they also combo as mani+pedi stations), 3-4 waxing rooms (with one being fit for facials and laser services if applicable).

that primarily depends on the availability of locations in the area that you have selected for your bar. once your space has been found and the lease has been signed, the usual build-out time is an average of three to four months.

at this time, THE TEN SPOT® does not offer financing assistance. financing options may be pursued through third parties. however, the us and canadian government has small business financing programs for ‘bricks and mortar style businesses like ours. these loans can be used to cover up to 90%  of leasehold improvements, fixtures and equipment costs of your ‘build out’, however about 20%-35% of your start up costs must be covered by unencumbered cash (this is used to cover the initial fee, rent, and various start-up supplies).

profitability depends on many factors including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms and most importantly, your ability to operate the business effectively. we give you the keys but you’re the driver!

absolutely. at the time a location is determined for your first store a “protected area” will be established. the size of the area will depend on the density of population, traffic, competition and other factors.

as well as being the ceo + creator of THE TEN SPOT®, she’s all about ceo’ing the shxt out of her life so she can live life at a ten + (hopefully!!!) inspire you to do the same!

follow our founder to get in on content all about; how-to’s / life hacks / behind the scenes / tips n’ tricks of being an entrepreneur / ceo / mom / woman / partner + franchisor of a company in hyper scale mode!

this website and the franchise sales information on this site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. the offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document. certain states require that we register the franchise disclosure document in those states. the communications on this website are not directed by us to the residents of any of those states. moreover, we will not offer or sell franchises in those states until we have registered the franchise (or obtained an applicable exemption from registration) and delivered the franchise disclosure document to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law.