let’s getcha fully prepared, so your appointment runs as smoothly as possible (yep, that was a pun). here’s a checklist of things to do before your laser service:

  • shave! we know this goes against pretty much everything we’re about, but in the case of laser, we’re making an exception! make sure to shave the area getting lasered prior to your appointment. we recommend the day or night before – whatever works for ya!
  • come in about 15 minutes early to sign our in-store waiver! don’t worry – this (highly standardized) consent form is totally on the up and up. take your time reading the fine print + hit us up with your autograph when you’re done!
  • say goodbye to excess uv exposure – we’re talking tanning, tanning beds, and tanning creams – four weeks prior to your appointment.
  • numb yo’self! (if you want to). totally up to you + your pain threshold, but for more sensitive areas like the brazilly®, we highly recommend buying a tube of our numbing cream. either pop by about half an hour prior to your appointment and apply it in the bathroom, or do it at home! no pain + serious gain.
  • please note you cannot have any facial laser done if you are currently using any skin thinning prescribed medications or topical products (Retin-A, Retinol, Differin, Vitamin A), or have used or are currently using accutane for the last 8-12 months (face or body laser).