a fresh manicure can make you feel unstoppable. but before looking and feeling your best, there are some decisions you need to make, don’t worry we are here to help!  first off, you might know them as acrylics but we can them the extensions! and gel nails are often known by the term shellac as well. 

along with choosing your nail shape and color, you also have to decide on the type of polish you want. from classic polish to more durable shellacs, gels and extensions  it’s all up to how you want your nails to look and how long you want your mani to last.

let’s take a look at shellac vs acrylic nails so you can decide what’s going to make you feel like a ten®! 

get to know gel (aka shellac)

gel nail polishes are often considered to be the middle ground between basic polish and nail extensions according to the experts at ipsy, this type of nail polish is made up of molecules that bind together and cure under uv light. the finish is adurable and high shine finish that you will love! 

how long do shellac nails last?

a high-quality shellacmanicure can last between two and three weeks when you look after your nails. t the curing process means the polish can stand up to more wear and tear than your typical polish.

are gel nails bad for you?

the truth is, any manicure can be tough on your hands if it’s not done the right way. the american academy of dermatology points out that gel manicures can dry out your nails and lead to brittleness but a moisturizing regime can help to mitigate that. and baby, we treat you right! 😉 our highly trained esthetics experts have the best training, products and experience to keep your nails super healthy and looking fabulous. 

you can always give your nails a break when needed and always get your nails done by a professional using sterilized tools. moisturize your hands (and cuticles!) often and no matter how tempted you are don’t. pick. your. polish! 

all about acrylics aka the extensions

if you want your polish to be even more durable and have more variety with your nail shape, consider acrylics or extensions. extensions nails are created with a como of liquid polish and powder that hardens and can be filed to any shape you want.

this service can take a bit of time but it’s totally worth it, you get instant length and high impact nails! 

how long do extensions nails last?

nail extension or acrylics are extremely durable. a full set of nail extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks.  you’ll need a little touch up (aka a fill) around the 2-3 week mark. 

do acrylics damage your nails?

artificial nails can leave your nail beds a little dry but that’s why we treat your nails with loads of tls! like with a shellac mani e, make sure to give your hands a break when needed and never, ever (seriously)  try to pull off or peel your acrylics.

how do you remove nail extensions?

 we are all for diy a lot of things but not for this. when it’s time to take off your extensions, c’mon in, we’ll makes sure your nails are in tip top shape after the extensions are removed. 

a gel overlay is the best of both worlds

so, gel or acrylic nails, which is right for you?

can’t decide between the two? , but why not choose a service that offers the best of both worlds? at THE TEN SPOT®, we offer gel overlays which can give you length and that long lasting polish.he overlay provides a nail extension that’s a more natural way as it makes your own nail super strong and allows it to grow up longer,  it finished with your fav shellac polish so you get the awesome look of high shine, long-lasting color!  

learn more about all of our mani pedi services and our beauty services at THE TEN SPOT® today, we wanna see you soon!