let’s face the facts: your appearance has a major impact on making first impressions. and if you’re not happy with your skin, it’s going to show on your face in more ways than one.

finding a skincare routine that works for your skin type is crucial, but so is giving your complexion a little extra tlc every once in a while. that’s where the facial comes in – it’s the perfect way to pamper yourself while also fighting environmental toxins and lengthening the aging process.

but what is a facial, what are the most exciting facial benefits, and what type of facial makes the most sense for your skin type? we’ll answer all of these questions and more below to help you plan your first facial treatment.

what is a facial?

a professional facial goes beyond your everyday water-cleanser-moisturizer routine. simply put, a facial is a multi-step process skin treatment that’s designed to keep your skin balanced, hydrated, clean, and healthy.

there are various types of facials you can try – we’ll get to the nitty-gritty later – but facials can range from standard to fairly intense. one facial may include a thorough cleanse, massage, and moisturize, while another can include exfoliation, pimple extraction, steam treatment, mask, or peel.

what are the facial benefits?

facials are designed to treat common skin concerns and conditions that you might not be able to take care of at your own bathroom sink. beyond cleansing your skin on a higher level, facials are also designed to:

  • increase blood flow circulation in your skin
  • slow down the aging process
  • target acne
  • remove acne scars
  • reduce common blemishes like dark spots, skin discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • get rid of dead skin cells
  • clear clogged pores
  • hydrate the skin

what are the different types of facials?

wanna know what’s the best type of facial for anti-aging? sick of stubborn pimps and want the best type of facial for acne? here are the most common types of facials, and how they can benefit your skin.

extraction facial, or classic facial

if you’re looking for the most common traditional facial, consider this one. perfect for someone who wants to treat acne and blemishes, an extraction facial uses steam to open up your pores and allow for simple extraction.


dermaplaning is a process designed to treat acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin caused by blemishes. it’s a minimally invasive option that shaves away the peach fuzz and removes the dead skin buildup from your complexion.


chemical peels involve a highly concentrated chemical solution to exfoliate away any dead skin cells to leave your complexion looking smoother, and younger than ever. this treatment option is great for aging skin or someone dealing with acne scars.

how long does a facial last?

the great thing about getting a facial is how long the results can last. in most cases – and skin types – you can expect the results of your facial to last between four and six weeks.

how do you prep for a facial?

wanna make the most of your facial? here are a few tips and tricks to remember before heading to your facial appointment.

  • come with fresh, clean skin. leave the topical creams and serums at home and arrive at your appointment with fresh skin.
  • skip your exfoliating routine. if you exfoliate regularly, skip this step in your routine at least a week before your scheduled appointment.
  • don’t pluck or shave any hairs on your face. getting rid of the hairs on your upper lip or near your brow line can cause your skin to become irritated during your facial treatment.
  • come hydrated! drink plenty of water before your appointment – the more hydrated your skin is, the better!

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