your eyebrows can have a big impact on your confidence and how you feel about the rest of your features, they frame your eyes and make them pop! whether you fell victim to the ultra thin brow trend of the early 2000s (yikes, what were thinking?!) or you’ve always had super full brows, there’s a easy way to up your brow game without spending oodles of time with your makeup every morning it’s brow lamination! brow lamination is also a great alternative for microblading if the idea of tiny needles in  your eyebrows is not your jam. 

let’s take a closer look at what this service entails, how it compares to microblading, and what you can  expect from this awesome service!

what is brow lamination?

eyebrow lamination is anew-ish process for shaping and perfecting eyebrows; it gained popularity in o europe and then crossed over to us in canada and the  usa as a popular solution for brow shaping. but what’s the process?  it’s a perming and softening the hair follicles in with the end game of getting  straighter, set eyebrow hairs. 

this means you get brows that appear fuller and tamed – brow lamination works to make your brows appear thicker and well-arranged, by getting all those unruly hairs in line . means you get picture perfect brows from morning to night! 

brow lamination isn’t designed for one style of eyebrows: if you already have thick eyebrows, a brow lamination can help them appear cleaned up and high impact, it can also help add an arch and a bit more shape to a thicker brow.

shout out to our thin- brow-crew! this service  can help your hairs appear thicker (yeeesss!) and bring more definition to your eyebrows. 

how would you compare brow lamination vs microblading?

sure, brow lamination and microblading are both  services that can improve the appearance of brows, but they are totally different services.

brow lamination is designed to make your existing eyebrow hairs look fuller and well-managed. improving on what you have and creating a polished, profesh look. microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing solution (yikes!).

the biggest difference between brow lamination vs microblading? you don’t have to worry about needles touching your face for a brow lam.       

how long does a brow lamination last?

looking for low maintenance? brow lamination is it!   most laminations can last between four and six weeks, and up to eight weeks depending on how well you care for your brows. that means no eyebrow pencils, no eyebrow gel and no worries! 

how often can i laminate my brows?

wondering how long to wait after brow lamination?

of course, you’ll love how it looks and want to keep up this gorgeous service. you just have to wait a bit, most likely every 6 weeks. in some cases a bit longer but talk to your esthetics expert they will give you the right timeline for you and your brows.  

how does brow lamination work?

brow lamination at THE TEN SPOT® follows a two-step process. before your brow lamination begins, one of our highly trained esthetics experts will clean your eyebrows to remove lingering makeup, oils, or dirt. this ensures yours brows are totally prepped for maximum results.

step 1: soften the hairs. your esthetics expert  will apply a straightening solution or relaxing cream to your brows, causing the hairs to become more pliable and shapeable. once the cream is set, your esthetics expert will apply plastic wrap to help the solution work, this is a super speedy process and won’t take longer than 5 minutes.

step 2: set the hairs. once the softening process is complete, your esthetics expert  will remove the softening cream and apply the setting cream. after setting it for a few minutes, the specialist will use a spoolie brush to shape and lock your brows into the perfect position. nailed it! once your brows are shaped and set, your esthetics expert  may go in and clean up any brow hairs underneath or above your brow line.

what are some brow lamination aftercare tips and tricks? 

Close up of brow lamination

once your appointment is complete, your esthetics expert will give you our top tips for aftercare and how to keep your brows looking like a 10 outta 10! here are a few simple tips and tricks we recommend for everyone during the first 24 hours post-brow lam:

  • hands up! avoid touching your eye area/eyebrows in general.
  • don’t get your brows wet for 24 hours.  let’s keep them dry as a desert, avoid wetting them in the shower or when washing your face. excess sweat the first 24 hours isn’t great either so go easy on the gym session or any other activity that makes you work up a sweat 😉 
  • leave the makeup behind. you won’t need any make up! so put down that brow liner and stay makeup free for the first 24 hours 

are you ready to #FeelLikeATen and give brow lamination a go? 

at THE TEN SPOT®, all our services will help you walk in strut out®. if you’re ready to try brow lamination and level it up by adding a  brow tint, we got you! your best brow look is just around the corner. 

Learn more about our brow tint services and schedule your appointment today to #FeelLikeATen!