are you tired of relying on shaving to give you that smooth, sexy bikini line you’ve always wanted? do you find that hair down there tends to grow a lot faster than you can keep up with? 

introducing the brazilian wax – or as we like to call it, the brazilly® – the ultimate ticket to achieving the smooth, supple skin you’ve always wanted in and around your pubic area.

but does a brazilian wax hurt? and how long should the hair be for a brazilian wax? we’ll answer all of these questions and more so you can prep for a waxing session.

what is a brazilian?

a brazilly® consists of removing hair from the pubic region, which includes the front of the pubic bone, the insides of your cheeks, and everything in between. based on your personal preference when committing to a brazilly® you can have as little or as much hair removed as you want. traditionally, though, this service removes the hair from every inch of your pubic area.

at THE TEN SPOT®, our signature brazilly® includes including the full vajay and between the cheeks, but we’ll happily make adjustments based on what you’re looking for. we can also recommend a different  waxing service that may better suit your wants, needs, and expectations. 

bikini wax vs. brazilian wax: what’s the difference?

one of the most common misconceptions in spa services – assuming that a brazilly® is the same thing as a bikini wax. 

you know now that the brazilly® is essentially a clean sweep of all of the hair in between your legs and cheeks. but a traditional bikini wax is designed to get rid of the hair in the groin or the bikini area, which is generally where the hair pokes out of the bikini bottom – like the area between your bikini line and the belly button area. some bikini waxes can also include removing the hair from the front of the pubic bone or shaping it as a strip or triangle. 

THE TEN SPOT® also offers three different bikini-style waxes: the bikini, the thongkini®, and the bumkini®. with our bikini wax, we remove hair from the sides and a little off the top. the thongkini® service goes deep into the sides, off the top, and between the cheeks. the bumkini®, aka the full bush brazilly® involves a traditional bikini wax, plus the removal of those annoying strays between the cheeks.     

does a brazilian wax hurt?

let’s get real for a sec: does the brazilly® hurt? in reality, it’s different for everyone! you might have a much higher pain tolerance than your friend, mother, or sister-in-law. some people describe the brazilly® as slightly painful, while others say it happens so fast that they didn’t feel an ounce of pain. 

in general, the brazilly® is designed to be a hair removal service that you want to stick to. you may be committing to slight pain, but overall it shouldn’t be so discomforting that you refuse to ever try it again. and, the sensation can become less uncomfortable over time, making the experience more enjoyable with every session. 

of course, if you’re feeling a certain way before getting your first brazilly®, let your esthetics expert employee know! THE TEN SPOT® offers a brazilly® virgin, an option for tentative first-timers. we add an extra 10 minutes to this spa service to take extra time to explain every step as we go and coach you on when to breathe. we also work side to side so you don’t have to worry about leaving lopsided incase you decide you want to stop. 

how to prep for an upcoming brazilly®

ready to ditch the razors and commit to a brazilly®? here are our best tips for preparing for a brazilly® service: 

  • exfoliate the day before your wax. this is essential! exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells to prevent clogging of the follicle so you don’t have to worry about annoying ingrown hairs. 

exfoliating also creates a clean foundation for the wax to grab your hair, resulting in the smoothest finish. need exfoliant? stop at THE TEN SPOT® before your appointment to grab some body scrub and a bikini brush.

  • skip the lotions on the day of your appointment. moisturizing your skin is so important, but not on the day of your appointment! oils and lotions can get in the way of the wax laying properly and can lead to stray hairs getting left behind.
  • dress comfortably! if possible, try to dress in your comfy clothes for your appointment. freshly waxed skin needs to breathe, so a dress, skirt, or pair of sweatpants.
  • stop taking vitamin a medications. retin-a, renova, isotretinoin, differin, accutane, or other acne medications can weaken the skin, causing it to tear. avoid these medications before your appointment! please let your esthetics expert know if you have been on any of these medications or use a topical retinol product.

check out THE TEN SPOT® for all of your waxing needs

no matter what type of waxing hair removal service you’re looking for, THE TEN SPOT® has you covered. from our fan-fave brazilly® to our bikini waxing options, we can help you say goodbye to pubic hair and hello to sexy and sleek skin below the waist.

check out our beauty bars in canada and beauty bars in the us to schedule your brazilly®!