• four different women with olive green, peach, lilac and pink nails

our guests were looking for ways to up their mani game and we were happy to provide it. after research and training we are thrilled to introduce the extensions

how do nail extensions work? 

we add a hard gel extension on the end of your natural nail. this creates length. it’s an awesome alternative to acrylic or apres x nails, adding long-lasting extensions, strength + durability with a non-toxic, vegan + cruelty-free product.

adding extensions to your nails means you can have all the length you want and none of the waiting for your nails to grow! with the extensions length you have the chance to try out on trend nail shapes, sizes and designs whenever you want.

but, let’s say you don’t feel like going all the way with the length, even shorter extensions have their benefits. they can help even out uneven nail lengths or allow for more room for unique designs. 

why else do we love nail extensions

they are lightweight, long + strong and easier to remove than more traditional acrylics. meaning less long term damage to your nails. we also apply our 10spot® polish thirsty (aka: the hydrator) on removal. this will help bring your nails back to their virgin state; it contains amino acids to stimulate keratin which will leave your nails feeling super strong.

but wait there’s more! we then apply gel polish by the gelbottle™ (aka BIAB™)  to the extensions. it is chip resistant and retains it’s glass like finish, shining for weeks! your nails are flawless for longer than ever. 

what is BIAB™? 

BIAB™ (builder in a bottle) is a long lasting gel polish formulation which promotes nail strength and health. did we mention it’s self-leveling and works as a 2-in-1 primer + base?!

besides having great looking nails our service for the extensions includes nail shaping + buffing, cuticle work and hand massage with our best selling product, the lotion. it’s vitamin-packed super-rich, but soaks in super fast, creating smooth soft skin. 

so walk in and strut out® feeling like a TEN!