we’ve all had those days where nothing goes right, + a beauty emergency always seems to happen right as you leave the house or are about to step in to an important meeting.

here are our top hacks to get you through your beauty bothers in record time. got some sneaky solutions of your own? tweet ’em to us – who knows, it might help a sister out!

1. mole-ière

it’s the nightmare scenario – an angry red zit appearing on your face an hour before that important presentation that won’t be tamed by any amount of concealer or powder. take a leaf out of our CEO Kristen’s book and make it into a mole:

2. smudge-proof

smudged mascara or liner is something everyone has to deal with, especially on warm days. keep a couple of Q-tips in your purse to quickly get rid of any dark smudges or misplaced product. just a quick swipe and you’re done!

3. tame wild brows

groomed brows are key to looking put together and ready for anything. however, if your forehead caterpillars are looking a little too bushy + you don’t have your make up kit to hand, rub some lip balm onto your finger and smooth over the hairs to keep them in check. next, book yourself a brow appointment so we can tame those beasts for you!

4. ‘mo problem

Not digging the 5 o’ clock shadow on your upper lip? Put down the beauty blender and step away from your vanity. Applying foundation could actually make your lady moustache look more noticeable. Foundation clings to every downy hair, resulting in a more prominent shadow. instead, leave the area as free from make up as possible and book an appointment for a lip wax, stat!

5. too much blush

if you’ve been heavy-handed with the blusher and suddenly look like you’re sporting a bright pink sunburn, take a damp make up sponge or cotton pad and gently dab at the area and remove excess product. if you’re still looking too warm, wipe over the area with the foundation brush you used to apply your make up. et voilà! less flush, more fetch.