you’ve already said buh-bye to 2018, now say “oh, helllllllo!” to our mani predictions of 2019!

what type of manis are you showing off in 2019? short or long? dark or light? we’ve scrolled far and wide (on our insta page…) and we’ve got the predictions!

check out our 2019 nail inspos that will get you running to your local 10spot!

just peachy

something pretty that you’ll be seeing on your insta feed all year ’round! this mani has been a staple look at THE TEN SPOT for years, and it’s no surprise that many more guests are asking for it in 2019! the light, pink + peach colours works on both long + short nails, and they can make any outfit stand out! (yes – even those winter parka’s that you’ll be wearing for the next 4 months…)

minty freshness

so fresh we can’t even handle it! this cool + fresh look was one of our faves in 2018, and we refuse to leave it there! this minty colour can be shown off in the cool winter weather, or in those fresh spring months to follow!

a mixed bag

we’re mixing up the trends in 2019! throughout the new year, you’ll be seeing waaaay different colours on each nail! stuck between the grey and the white polishes? go with both! the year’s too short to settle on one nail colour 😉

it’s the small things

you don’t need to go big or go home! even the teeniest, tiniest designs can make a big impact. add some dots, vertical lines, half moons, chevrons, corners, coloured french, clouds, sparkle fade – whatever your fingers desire!

the classico!

the signature red nail polish has been around since your grandma started painting her nails, and what a trendsetter she was! the bright red is the essential go-to mani of 2019 and beyond, but you’ll also see dark, light and matte red colours flooding your insta feeds (and beauty bars!)

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