dear loyal 10spot® guests,

i, like most, feel like what’s going on in the world right now is something that could have only occurred in a movie. it’s been an unimaginable few days, in what’s already been an unprecedented few weeks.

at a time when there is so much drastic change and uncertainty in our lives, we can easily be swallowed up by anxiousness. however, like most of you i’m sure, i have already seen the silver lining to this crisis. the feelings of being in it together with your people, the gratitude that you feel for those nurses, doctors, scientists and government officials frantically fighting on the front lines of this for us all and to those working at pharmacies and grocery stores, stocking the shelves non-stop to ensure we’re all taken care of. it’s overwhelming to think of how beautiful humanity is, especially when you need it most.

these sentiments are the ethos of what we’ve worked hard to create at THE TEN SPOT®. in our 10spotter® 101 guide we teach that you never know what someone has just been through before they’ve walked through our doors – it could be the best day of their life or it could be the worst – the point is it doesn’t matter – our job, the reason why THE TEN SPOT® exists, is to make everyone feel like a ten; to leave each person with whom we interact in a better place than what they were in before they saw us.

part of making everyone feel like a ten is protecting the health and safety of our 10spotters®, guests and the general public. we’ve always been a brand that prides ourselves on being clinically clean – turning away business everyday and adding additional costs that take away from our bottom line in order to maintain the #freakyclean standards our guests and our 10spotters® have come to expect from us. we do this not begrudgingly but with extreme pride. we know it’s the right thing to do and that doing the right thing always wins. well, the time has come to do this in any even bigger way. we need to contribute to the containment of COVID-19 and prevent its rapid spread. all 33 of our bars will be closed (for now). as many of you know, some of our locations closed earlier than others, depending on exposure in their area. this was done in the interest of the health and safety of the guests and 10spotters® in those locations. today we announce that all 33 of our bars will be closed with that same sentiment in mind.

we will of course be back up and running as soon as it’s safe! giving our spot’s a thorough scrub down and reinstating the health and safety policies we’ve had since the start in 2006.

until then, stay safe + stay strong,

x. kristen
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