we’re addicted to that radiant glow that follows a facial. post-facial skin looks so healthy, with or without make-up, and it’s a huge boost in confidence to know your skin’s looking mighty fine. want to retain the radiance? follow our expert tips to keep your skin in perfect condition for longer.

1. hydrate

this one starts before your treatment. get into the habit of drinking plenty of water, and we guarantee it will show in your skin. staying hydrated lets your skin cells fully benefit from the treatment and extends the effects.

2. step away from the vanity

try to give your skin a break right after your facial. that means no make up, no plucking stray brow hairs and definitely no popping zits. your skin is recovering from the treatment, so give it a night off if you can, and enjoy the softness for longer.

3. no scrubs

take a page out of TLC’s book and avoid scrubs after your facial. during the treatment, your esthetician removes all the dead skin cells from your face, so there’s no need to use exfoliator in the days afterwards. in fact, using a scrub on post-facial skin can result in dryness, redness and even breakouts. ugh, do not want. we recommend waiting at least 3 days before exfoliating, but try to hold off for a week if you can.

4. spring clean

your post-facial skin is as clean as it’ll ever be, so it’s crucial to clean everything that comes in regular contact with your face to keep it cleaner for longer. take the time after your treatment to change your pillowcases, wash all your make-up brushes and de-germify your cellphone. your skin will thank you!

5. moisturize

you won’t need to moisturize the day of your treatment (we’ll do that for you!), but it’s a good idea to take some extra time to massage in your lotion the next day. this will build on the work your esthetician has done by increasing the circulation in your skin.

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