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we’ve got the biggest + best target market.

we’re here to make everyone feel like a ten® – and that means everyone! we’re definitely an equality for all kind of company, but, if we’re gonna get specific – most of our core demo skew she/her and is between 18 – 65 with a large majority of our guests in the early 30’s to late 40’s. that’s a huge market to service meaning lots of guests for you to grab!

we’ve hit the sweet ‘spot’ in terms of service mix.

we are the original ‘anti-spa’ beauty bar. back in ’06 we created a niche concept that blended the best of the luxury spa world (think great guest care, high hygiene standards) with the convenience + casual feel of the day spa/salon and then loaded it with only the services that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck (think great margins!). we do that by curating a select suite of services that most women want (ie: we’re not doing super niche services that only a handful of people partake in), and that most women do on the regular (think every 4 to 6 weeks).

we’ve got the best membership plan in the biz. it’s a #beautynobrainer. legit.

reoccurring revenue is the name of the game. in order to get those monthly charges coming in the regs for you – the membership plan needs to be of incredible value for our guests, and guess what – it is. with three membership plans for your guests to choose from, we’ve got something for every one of your loyal guests.

we’ve got multiple revenue streams to get that cash flow flowin’.

we’re the one-stop beauty ‘spot’ with nail bar, wax bar, laser bar, skin bar, lash + brow bar services. on top of all that, we’ve also got gift cards, series, packages, ongoing promos, private parties + retail – including our very own lux line of beauty products n’ polishes. we’ve got so many ways to promote your business and get green in your bank account.

we cater so well to our target market because we are our target market.

we’re women who want it all. and you can have it all as a franchise partner of ours. flexible schedule (to fit in that fitness, drop off/pick up the kiddies, get the errands done…) while still giving it your all in bar and being the leader your team needs and the face of your business your guests recognize and relate to.

the support doesn’t stop after opening – in fact it’s only the beginning.

it’s all about us working together to get to your goals and help you maximize your profit potential. personalized ‘one-page strategic plans’, one on one coaching calls, business building visits, peer -to-peer mentorship, monthly educational webinars (for you and your 10spotters®), marketing strategies, brand and bar level campaigns  – it’s legit too much to go into here, so we save it for after we’re in touch and can present you with our marketing, operations and other discovery decks.

watch kristen’s pre-recorded zoom info sesh all about our business model, the opportunity and of course, what makes us so special!

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