dermaplaning facials

what’s dermaplaning?

we know, you’ve heard about this awesome new skin treatment but now you want to know the scoop. dermaplaning is a facial treatment that is safe, non-invasive and effective form of physical exfoliation using a surgical blade to gently remove excess dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (aka. peach fuzz).

everything dermaplaning can do:

  • minimizes fine lines + wrinkles
  • softer, smoother skin
  • a brighter, more radiant looking appearance
  • a medium/deep exfoliation with no downtime (hint hint…lunchtime apt.)
  • increases product absorption + efficacy (your products will work better)
  • improves skin's overall texture
  • peach-fuzz removal (creates a super smooth surface + your makeup will be flawless!)

our professionally trained esthetics experts will use a surgical blade to precisely remove up to 2-3 weeks of dead skin with results that last up to 4 weeks. not only are you getting next level exfoliation, you will also benefit from the removal of that nearly invisible peach fuzz leaving your skin baby soft.

bonus! the removal of dead skin + peach fuzz means your skin care products are better absorbed and your makeup has a super smooth surface to be applied on, making the end results almost flawless!


so you’ve heard about this awesome new thing and need the real scoop? dermaplaning is a safe + noninvasive facial treatment that gently removes dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) with a surgical blade.

a dermaplaning facial removes 2 to 3 weeks of dead skin, minimizing the look of fine lines + wrinkles. designed to promote a brighter, more radiant-looking appearance, dermaplaning provides medium to deep-down exfoliation with no downtime (hint, hint...lunchtime appt.?) Results last up to 4 weeks, including overall texture improvement and increased product absorption + efficacy. peach fuzz removal leaves your skin baby soft and ready for flawless makeup application.


dermaplaning works for all skin types except those with active breakouts or heavy facial hair, so wait until active breakouts heal before trying this treatment. as always, discuss any allergies or skin sensitivities beforehand. a dermaplaning facial is a great treatment if you're pregnant or nursing and want chemical-free exfoliation.

a dermaplaning facial is totally safe, and our best-in-class esthetics experts ensure you're always in good hands. plus, there's no downtime — get your dermaplaning service at lunch and go right on with your day.

this facial treatment works by exfoliating your skin with a surgical blade. our esthetics experts gently sweep it across your skin, removing dead skin and peach fuzz with every stroke. while this may have you asking “is dermaplaning bad”, this painless treatment involves no cutting — just deep cleansing, professional dermaplaning exfoliation, then a restorative treatment. our esthetics experts finish your dermaplaning facial with skin care specifically suited to your needs.

you've probably heard shaving your face is bad, but different types of hair have different reactions to shaving. vellus hair — the kind of hair dermaplaning removes — is lighter and thinner than terminal hair — the kind of hair that grows on your scalp, underarms, legs + bikini region, etc. This hair type difference means the soft, fine vellus hair grows back at the same rate and texture as it grew the first time, and dermaplaning doesn't cause this peach fuzz to grow back darker + coarser.

How often to dermaplane depends on a variety of factors and a better question to ask is “how long does dermaplaning last?” we recommend this treatment every 4 weeks. your skin needs approximately 21 days to rejuvenate before your next appointment to achieve the best results. dermaplaning can work in conjunction with your other facial services like peels or hydrating facials so coordinate withe your esthetic expert for best results!

the first thing you should notice is a more radiant, even skin tone and texture. while exfoliation is the main objective, the immediate peach fuzz removal makes skin exceptionally smooth and soft, letting skin care products penetrate better and work more efficiently. your makeup should also go on smoother.

after dermaplaning, your skin is usually highly sensitive to sun exposure and may look pink. wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30+ to reduce hyperpigmentation risks. treat your skin gently during this time, using only your hands to cleanse for 2 days. also, be sure to follow all home care instructions from your esthetics expert.