what makes our waxing the best in the biz?

we have the best waxing protocols and products bar none; using two different kinds of wax tailored to the area being waxed.

what’s the difference between hard wax and soft wax?

soft wax

soft wax (aka strip wax) is one of the most common methods of hair removal for larger areas (legs, arms, back, chest, etc.) our sensitive skin soft wax is formulated with lavender oil, which has many benefits including pain relief, disinfecting qualities, and is super soothing and calming. it works on all types of skin and hair and is fantastic for facial waxing. it’s designed for the most sensitive skin and it leaves less residue, which makes for a cleaner service for you!

hard kis® wax

our amazing hard wax is very easy to use and we have perfected our protocols and training to make sure you get the perfect wax, every time. the hair is gripped as the wax dries and tightens and lifts off without sticking to the skin. hard wax is especially effective in areas where the skin is thin and fragile. hard wax is used in THE TEN SPOT®’s famous brazilly® wax and our other specialty waxing services.

waxing tips:

exfoliate before you wax:
removing any dead skin lets the wax pick up the hair more easily, meaning a smoother result and less pain for you (yaay!)
what to wear when you go for waxing:
wear something loose and comfy if possible. you won’t want anything too tight or restrictive on the area post-wax.
how to make waxing hurt less:
take a couple of deep breaths and remember, it never hurts as much as you think it will. if you’re really worried about pain, use a numbing cream on the area to be waxed an hour before your appointment.

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