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#getnailed with us! we’ve been around since 2006 offering the best mani pedi nail services in the biz! our highly trained staff, super fun bars, clinically clean practises and top shelf products are just waiting for you to try us out and feel like a ten®! whether you are looking for extensions, gel overlay, shellac or  regular nail polish, our bars have it all. 

how to decide what kind of manicure you should get:

looking for length – want long, strong high impact nails? get the extensions which features hard gel extensions plus long lasting gel nail polish.

looking for (a little) length – the gel overlay manicure is for you! this service gives you a strong, sculpted overlay on your natural nail. the gel acts as a strengthening barrier for natural nails. the long lasting formulation can last up to 4+ weeks – no chipping or lifting – yay!

looking for long lasting polish – try our shellac mani! this polish lasts twice as long as traditional polishes and dries instantly, meaning no smudges!

looking for a quick change artist – our 10spot® beauty nail polish line (and other regular polishes) are perfect if you are looking to make regular changes to your nail color or want to remove it at home.

no matter which polish you choose your nails will look like a TEN!

time for a pedicure?

if you are looking for a pedicure we offer those in regular polish and shellac as well. relax as you soak your feet in one of our ultra clean tubs. get scrubbed, cuticles trimmed and an out of this world foot massage

how we keep your pedicure #clinciallyclean:

if it’s your first pedicure at THE TEN SPOT®, you may notice that we do some things a little differently. that’s because we’re a little obsessive about making sure everything is clean + sanitized. in fact, you might say we’re pedi-antic about it. (eh?!)

at THE TEN SPOT® we don’t use whirlpool type foot baths, because they’re virtually impossible to sanitize. anything with jets can spread a bacteria called mycobacterium fortuitum, which is as scary as it sounds. seriously, instead, we use circular, easy to sterilize bowls, meaning there are no corners or crevices for bacteria to hide in, so we can be sure that we’re 100% nailing our self-imposed sanitation regime.

it should go without saying that we fully sterilize all tools between guests, but we’re saying it again, just in case. all of our pedicure tools are stainless steel. we clean them after each use, and then soak them in isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes to completely sterilize them. same goes for nail art tools. we dispose of anything that can’t be sterilized. that means the nail files, foot files and buffer bricks used during your pedicure are only used on you. 

you won’t get a “foot shaving” or have a razor tool used to remove dead skin at THE TEN SPOT®. that’s because those tools can’t be sanitized to our standards, and the practice itself could be dangerous as it increases the risk of breaking the skin.  instead, we use single-use foot files to remove all the rough skin, and finish off with an invigorating scrub and foot massage for super smooth feet.

we don’t use the pedicure chairs or massage chairs you find at lots of spas. that’s because they can’t be cleaned and we think that’s a bit gross. we like to wipe every surface down after each guest so we’ve opted for comfy cushions that can be cleaned in a jiffy.

coming to THE TEN SPOT® means you get the best trained esthetics experts, #clinicallyclean bars and top shelf products. what more can you ask for?!