why should i try laser hair removal?

we all know that shaving is the pits! not only is it time consuming and irritating to your skin, the results never last as long as you want them to. laser hair removal is quick, easy and long lasting. 

how does laser hair removal work?

it sounds like science fiction but it isn’t! laser hair removal works by having the laser light convert to heat as it passes through the skin. the heat is then absorbed by the hair’s pigment (melanin) in the follicle. the heat will damage the hair follicle, which will inhibit growth.

why is THE TEN SPOT® laser the best?

our amazing af laser machine sets itself. yep, that’s right – cynosure’s patented skintel technology measures the melanin content of your skin and automatically sends that info back to our diode laser, so your service is tailored to your unique hair color and skin type. we’ll take a new reading of every area of your body to ensure the safest, most effective treatment for ya!

how long does it take for laser hair removal to work?

creating long term results can come sooner than you think! because our laser is legit the best in the biz, you’re lookin’ at about 6 sessions on average. depending on your hair sitch, it could be more or less. ask our esthetic experts — they know what’s what! plus you are allowed to shave in between sessions so you can stay smooth until you are permanently smooth.

whether you’re a laser virgin or a seasoned pro, there’s never been a better time to start livin’ your #LifeOnLaser. book a sesh with one of our expert 10spotters® and get ready for some seriously amazing—and pretty much pain-free—results. laser creates long-lasting results, the service is wicked fast (walk in and strut out in no time!) and can be used almost anywhere you wax, pluck or shave. longer, faster results? sign us up!

want to learn more about #LifeOnLaser, check out this great videos!