• 4 pictures of deep chemical peels

did you know cell turnover slows down as we age? it’s true, honest! but what does that mean for you? it means your skin isn’t regenerating fresh cells as often. this slowing of cell turnover creates fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dull skin tone. hard pass from us! if you want to help your skin look fresh-faced again, you need a deep chemical peel!

what are the benefits of a chemical peel?

chemical peels can help with a wide range of skin concerns. you can find a chemical peel for hyperpigmentation and acne scars or to combat the advanced signs of aging. chemical peel benefits can sometimes even tackle all three concerns at once, depending on the kind you get. despite their varying uses, most peels provide benefits in the same way: they remove the skin’s outermost layers to stimulate cell renewal + cell turnover, improving the skin’s texture and appearance.

are all skin peels the same?

nope. a dermatological peel is a fantastic way to address skin concerns, but there’s no such thing as a “one peel fits all.” after all, every person’s skin is different! that means you need a peel that’s tailor-made to address your skin’s individual needs, whether that’s a chemical peel for acne scars or fine lines and wrinkles.

what kind of skin peels are there?

peels are classified into four categories based on penetration depth and their effect on the skin:

  • very superficial peels: can be used to treat acne, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. these peels affect the epidermis (outer layer) and don’t penetrate beyond the granular level (stratum granulosum). 
  • superficial peels: used to exfoliate skin in the epidermal layer down to the basal layer (lower level of the epidermis). they treat signs of aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation.
  • medium-depth peels: usually done by medical professionals. these peels reach the upper layers of the dermis down to the papillary dermis and can treat superficial scars, solar keratoses, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

deep peels: only done by medical professionals. deep chemical peels remove the papillary dermis (thin top layer of the dermis) and reach the reticular dermis (lower level of the dermis) to address severe photoaging, deep wrinkles and scars.

professional peels vs. at-home peels

peels designed to be applied by licensed professional skin therapists, like dermalogica's pro power peel, tend to be more concentrated, have a very low ph and are customizable to deliver more dramatic results. these formulas are usually not available to guests for self-application. peels designed to be used by clients at home tend to be lighter in nature.

what peel do we use at THE TEN SPOT® ?

dermalogica's pro power peel. this awesome deep chemical peel is comprehensive and completely customizable. A unique three-acid approach puts the power to create a personalized skincare solution in your hands. formulated with maximum strength ingredients and backed by science and research conducted at the international dermal institute, our pro power peel lets you design a custom peel every time you visit!

wanna learn more about our facial treatments and other services such as our lash and brow packages? call or visit your local bar, and one of our 10spotters® will be happy to tell you more and give you a complimentary skin analysis to see what peel is right for you!